Webform Sanitize

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

About this Module

Webform Sanitize module for sanitizing Webform submissions to remove potentially sensitive data. Also provides a drush command.

Do you use the excellent module Webform??
Do you move databases from production to test and need to sanitize sensitive data from webform submissions?

If yes, this module is for you!

How to use this module

Once you enable this module, a new item under Development will appear on the Drupal administration page. Click on 'Webform Sanitize' to configure your sanitisation options.


Once inside the administration form, you can see all of your webforms. For each form that you want to sanitize, set the options.

If you want to sanitize just one webform, click the 'Save all and sanitize [webform_id]' button.

If you want to sanitize all webforms, click the 'Save and sanitize submissions' button.

Configuration UI


Once you have configured the module, you can use the command:

drush webform-sanitize [webform_id]

To sanitize one or all of the webform submissions. Or use the alias:

drush wfsan [webform_id]

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Webform Sanitize项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板



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