TimelineJS Entity

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: This module is under heavy active development. The APIs may change.
This module is not recommended for use in production.

This module aims to provide an entity for defining a Timeline displayed with the TImelineJS library. If you are looking for TimelineJS integration using views check out the Views TimelineJS module.


  • Version 8.x-1.x aims only to provide a simple entity that supports defining timeline events within a Google Doc, allowing content editors the ability to control how the timeline is configured, defining a field formatter for rendering the timeline entity on entities that reference it. The timeline will only be displayed by adding an entity reference field to another entity (nodes, blocks, etc). This is the MVP.
  • Version 8.x-2.x will support everything that the 1.x version supported but will add the ability to define timeline events within the Drupal interface.

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