This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

PanKM is a rich and enhanced Drupal 8 distribution with the following modules packed with adaptive functionalities, that speed up your development, and provides you with standardized configurations, making your life easier.
1. Taxonomy Import
2. Videos
3. Survey
4. Chart
5. Assyst Security Kit
6. User Management

To install PanKM :
To install PanKM for the first time, you will run the "install.php" script from your web browser. The Install script will take you through multiple pages of steps. There is very little difference between this process and a normal Drupal site installation except that it takes longer to install the large number of modules.

All the above mentioned modules will be enabled automatically after installing the PanKM profile.

About each module :
1. Taxonomy Import can be used to create taxonomy terms by importing data from CSV or XML file to a specified Vocabulary. It requires a CSV or XML file of taxonomy terms to import.
2. Videos module can be used to manage videos. The supported video embed providers are Dailymotion, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.
3. Survey can be used to create a survey about this site. To enable the email notification, enter the settings in the path "admin/config/system/smtp"
4. Chart can be used to plot chart. It requires a CSV file to upload the x-axis and y-axis data.
5. Assyst Security Kit is a security module developed by ASSYST.
6. User Management can be used to manage the users in this site. Only users with admin permission can manage users list.

In addition to the above mentioned PanKM modules, the following features are available only in the paid version :
1. Blogs
2. Forum
3. Community of Practice
4. Documents
5. Events
6. News
7. Ask the Expert
8. Digital Asset Library
9. Map
10. Dashboard

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