Open LMS

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A complete learning management system in Drupal 8.


1. Use Config installer as installation profile while installing the distribution.
2. Extract config-openlms.tar.gz into the sync directory created while installation.

Complete rest of the installation details and LMS will be set up with default content types, user roles, and permissions.

Currently, distribution is in very active development so config-openlms.tar.gz will be updated regularly. To get the latest changes, pull the latest config-openlms.tar.gz file, extract it into your sync directory and run a configuration sync from admin/config/development/configuration menu. Please create an issue in case you are facing any problem while installing or want any new features.

Supporting organizations: 

Open LMS项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板




8.x-1.x-devtar.gz (20.9 MB) | zip (32.18 MB)2018年3月13日发布说明简 | 繁 | 更多