Migrate Devel

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--migrate-debug demonstration
--migrate-debug-pre demonstration

Utilities to help out developers when creating migrations.

  1. Reverts migrations before they are run and clears their cache when --migrate-debug option is provided. This works with both migrate-import and migrate-status This requires config_update if you use migrate_plus because migrations go into config.
  2. --migrate-debug used indrush mi drush command will also print out each row as it's being migrated. Also provides a --migrate-debug-prewhich does the same thing to the source row before the migration is run on the row.

This works with migrate_tools and migrate_run.

Currently uses Kint (from devel) directly to print out debug information instead of devel in order to take advantage of cli coloring and named variable debugging. This may change in the future.

Options are:

  1. --migrate-debug - Prints out rows as they run. Can be used in migrate-import or migrate-status and will revert existing migrations to the default and clear the cache for them.
  2. --migrate-debug-pre - Same as above before the process is run on the row. Can be used in migrate-import.
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