Material Admin

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Drupal 8 admin theme based on Google Material Design Language and utilizing the CSS framework materializecss

Note: this is NOT ready to be used on production and has many areas to resolve. it is promoted from a sandbox because there is a desire to use composer for building which requires a full project.

I am working on this project to achieve 2 (large) goals:

1) Modernize Drupal 8 administration UX and design.

Often times, Drupal gets a bad introduction as a CMS, due to it's 'framework' mentality and unopinionated design. I agree with the underlying principle, however presenting a design and UX that the user is familiar with help with wayfinding and interaction patterns.

2) Truly mobile first. (NOT just responsive)

since the d7 release, I have heard 'mobile first' mentality -- and many areas have improved, but from an administration standpoint, it's still completely unusable to achieve even the most basic tasks.

The CMS market has been quite resistant to the need for mobile administration, but I believe that is ending. The trend for administrating applications is growing extremely quickly with the market share of IoT.

Modern development process utilizing:
- Gulp
- css/js framework
- [various other JS Plugins that are light weight and very stable] (will update this when I make decisions)

Active development on GitHub:

Please message me to if you have interset in helping.

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