AJAX Form Messages

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides an API for immediate inline validation or other checking of values in form elements, including combinations of values. It is built to use the excellent Clientside Validation module, but, via AJAX, adds serverside validation capabilities.

For a most simple example, see Form Messages Node, which contains a rule to check node titles for duplicates.

It will also provide a UI.

(Contrast the per-element check with AJAX module, which validates the entire form via AJAX when the submit or preview button is pressed.)

The ideal will be to automate using (or make it very simple to use) existing form element validation functions as the back-end of inline validators.

The initial motivation was to extend (and make an honest module out of) Unique Fields AJAX checking, but the number of nice-to-haves pointed the way to a new API for setting message conditions and messages.

Planned features:

  • Ability to enable checking on multiple Fields, in addition to the node Title, providing an API for this.
  • Admin interface to set message individually for each field that has checking enabled with error / success instances.
  • Optionally enable form messages based on the uniqueness of a combination of two or more fields.
  • On node edit during uniqueness checks, recognize the current node as the one that has the value already in the database, and do not trigger the error message.

Input welcome in the issue queue.

See also the proposal to the contributed module ideas group and the AJAX Form Messages prior art notes.

Sean Fuller (undoIT on d.o) sponsored initial development of AJAX Form Messages.

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