Enterprise Content Management System (DE-CMS)

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal Enterprise CMS (ECM) Platform Distribution. Enjoy the flexibility of Drupal Core and the power of integrated, best practice examples and ready-made enterprise solutions.

The intent of the Drupal Enterprise CMS (DE-CMS) distribution is to enable developers to create and to integrate powerful solutions for demanding businesses. The basis is a lightweight Drupal 8 enterprise framework, an extended documentation and best of breed applications for building working solutions.

DE-CMS is a new standard for enterprise content management in Drupal including Multi Domain, Country, and Language Handling, Content Moderation Workflow, Document & Digital Asset Management as well as the flexible Drupal 8 Integration capabilities for third-party systems.

Included Packages:


Currently, a marketing & communication platform is being prepared to allow businesses to get in touch with vendors, specializing on Drupal Enterprise CMS Platforms.


If you'd like to contribute please reach out here. If you'd like to become a vendor or join the Drupal Business Alliance to collaboratively develop Drupal Enterprise Marketing use this channel.

Supporting organizations: 

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