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Create a Cucumber Project with Composer
composer create-project webship/cucumber-project:8.1.x-dev FOLDER_NAME --stability dev --no-interaction

Source of Truth

For many teams, they become the definitive source of truth as to what the
system does. Having a single place to go for this information saves a lot of
time that is often wasted trying to keep requirements documents, tests, and
code all in sync. It also helps to build trust within the team, because different
parts of the team no longer have their own personal versions of the truth.

Living Documentation

Cucumber tests share the benefit of traditional specification documents in
that they can be written and read by business stakeholders, but they have a
distinct advantage in that you can give them to a computer at any time to tell
you how accurate they are. In practice, this means that your documentation,
rather than being something that’s written once and then gradually goes out
of date, becomes a living thing that reflects the true state of the project.

To manage and implement ideas from cucumber,

Following the path of:

The cucumber book

The authoritative Cucumber guide, with examples in Ruby. Written by Matt Wynne and Aslak Hellesøy.

Cucumber recipes

Forty practical recipes covering testing on desktop, web, mobile, and server applications across a variety of platforms.

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