Bits on the Run

Bits on the Run

The Bits on the Run module for Drupal provides publishers with the ability to manage the videos they host using the Bits on the Run platform, directly within the Drupal CMS. Video uploads and embeds can be performed directly within the Drupal node editor. This custom plugin has been built by LongTail Video, the creators of the JW Player for Flash and HTML5. It provides users with an easy way to manage and embed their videos - hosted in Bits on the Run - and publish them to Drupal, using the JW Player.

Bits on the Run ( is an online video platform, developed by LongTail Video, built for website owners, web developers, and video producers to upload, manage, customize and publish online video content with ease.

Key Features

  • Fast video streaming for playback in a video player, in both HTML5 and Flash modes
  • Inline search field available to locate specific videos within your video library
  • Quick click-to-publish for a specific video that inserts it into your post/page
  • Top security using video signing to protect embedded video urls
  • Seamless integration & full support for the JW Player
  • Quicktags to locate custom players
  • Support for uploading videos using our custom widget

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Full documentation on installation, setup and getting started can be found on our Support Site.

If you have any questions, comments, problems or suggestions please post on our User Forum.

Note: This module requires PHP5.

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7.x-1.2tar.gz (30.39 KB) | zip (34.3 KB)2012年11月21日发布说明简 | 繁 | 更多


7.x-1.x-devtar.gz (30.39 KB) | zip (34.3 KB)2013年10月1日发布说明简 | 繁 | 更多