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New Maintainership
The bloginfo module adds 2 blocks to your block, one with title and description of the blog and one block as a blogroll. It doesn't replace the main title of the blog.

It is a simple module that adds 2 additional fields to the users account screen, for those who have permission, to have a blog title and blog description. These are then put into a block that can be placed like any other block. The title is the block title and the description is the block content.

The idea is to have a blog title and description like one via

The block will only display on a users blog list or blog post who have filled in the settings.

Folks, not long after I took over this module I got seriously ill and that's why everything suddenly went dead here - but I'm now back in shape to do some serious work with computers again. While I was away matters took its due course and a new module ( was born building on this and 2 other blog related (and abandoned) modules. If you are here searching for something blogish to add to your site I recommend to rather take a look at instead.

Honestly, I don't know if this module have any future now but I will start to pick up things in the issue queue and see if there is any response, otherwise I will probably just tidy up and close down things in a nice and ordered way and then look for something else to contribute to in Drupal.

That's al for now folks

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