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This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: As of 2009/07/24, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in a module with similar functionalities, you can check Advanced Blog; if you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #432248: Blog Add-ons, Blog Information, and Blogger seem abandoned.

Blog Add-ons module adds some useful features to core blog module. It deals only with an existing content (no modification of db) so it can be easily installed and uninstall without affecting Drupal.

Among the new features are:
1. Blog navigation menu
This additional block is added to improve the navigation within the blog module.
This block has two different looks. On the blog front page it includes such links like:

  • My blog
  • Post new blog entries
  • Top bloggers
  • Recent posts

and on the blogger's home page it additionally includes more detailed information about posts written by the blogger ordered by date

To see this block you have to enable it at https:///$DRUPAL/admin/build/block (it's called "Blog navigation menu").

2. Front page of a blog module.
Currently, blog's front page (/blogs) just lists the recent blog entries. This module replaces this page with a new one that has more features, like:

a) two views on the front page

a.1) a list of bloggers (users with at least one blog entry) with an option to change the ordering of this list (order by name or number of posts)

a.2) recent posts (basically what we have now) but with few ordering options like (old->new, new->old, etc)

3. Front page of a user's blog.

Lists links all posts by this blogger providing only the title and the date.
It also allows to sort this list w.r.t. the title and the date (in both ASC/DESC order).

The two things on the top of my to-do list are

  • Improve admin settings and add user settings.
  • Make "Blog navigation menu" dynamic/expandable.

Feel free to contact me (by creating a new issue) if you have any suggestions how to improve this module.

Module written for the STAR Experiment at RHIC. You can see how it works at

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