Block Admin Light

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

With a lot of theme regions and a lot of blocks to move around, the form at admin/build/block/list/[theme_name] with its javascript tabledrag mechanics can become quite slow in your favorite browser.

Block Admin Light provides a light-weight alternative to this form, with a huge textarea instead of the tabledrag element. You can move blocks around by moving the rows of the textarea.

As a bonus, blockadminlight will detect your cursor position (using the 3rd party jquery.caret.js plugin), and display controls and information for currently "selected" block. Such as: Edit this block, edit this menu (for core menu blocks and contrib menu_block), edit this view (for views blocks). You can write plugins to show useful links for blocks defined by any module.

Server side / connection:
- Shorter page build time.
- Smaller file size for the delivered html page.

Client side performance:
- Reduced complexity of the html document: No big tables, no separate form elements for each block.
- Less work for the javascript engine: No tabledrag.

Other benefits:
- Easier migration/deployment of the blocks configuration, by simple copy+paste.
- Block weights / positions can be edited in a texteditor.
- Can be restricted with permissions.

Alpha status

You all get a chance to test this thing before it gets a 1.0 release. At the moment I don't see much that is missing for 1.0, but we will see what you guys complain about.

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