Block Inject

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Block Inject module allows for regions to be created and injected in the middle of chosen node types.

You can create any number of regions to inject as well as select as many node types you would like these regions to be injected in. The blocks you assign to these regions will then appear in the middle of the body field of these node types if the number of paragraphs is bigger than 2.

How to use:

Go to admin/structure/block-inject and add a new block inject region. You can select one or more node types you want this region to appear in.

Save and go to admin/structure/block and add whatever block you want to the region you just created.

You will then see that all the nodes of the type you assigned when you created that region will contain the respective blocks in their middle.

Note: The node body must be at least 2 paragraphs long for the injection to happen.

Watch this screencast in which I show you how it works.

With release 7.x-1.2 you can provide a number of paragraphs as an offset to the place where the region gets injected in. This means that on an individual node basis you can adjust exactly where the region gets placed.

The exceptions overview now includes information on the offset you have for individual nodes. It tells you whether the exception stops the injection or if it doesn't, how many paragraphs it is offset by.

Please be aware that if you update from 7.x-1.1 to 7.x-1.2, the exceptions you already have will be invalidated due to a change in the way they get stored in the database. But no worries, you still have the list of the exceptions on the overview page and you know exactly which nodes to edit in order to remove the injections again.

With release 7.x-1.1 you also have the possibility to remove the Block Inject effect from individual nodes that are affected by it. In the node edit form under the Publishing options you can tick a box to not have the block injected in its body (block that would have otherwise been injected).

Additionally, you get a dedicated page with an overview of all the exceptions you have on the site.

7.x-1.2 is still in alpha so please open an issue if you find any bugs or problems with it.

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