Block Filter

This is a very simple module which provides an input filter that can be enabled for specific input formats. This filter allows an editor with permission for this input format to embed any available block into content by using the blocks module and delta in the following syntax: [block:{module}:{delta}].

For example, if I wanted to embed the Powered By Drupal block into some content, I would use [block:system:0].

DISCLAIMER 1: Care needs to be taken. For example, if you embed something you don't want anonymous people to see (such as devels switch user form), then it will be embedded into the content and displayed with the permission of the person who "rendered" the content. For example, if you empty the cache and then an anonymous visitor views the page - the content will be rendered and filtered as anonymous and then cached like this.

DISCLAIMER 2: Only give to trusted users! This is an extension of disclaimer 1. If you give any authenticated or anonymous user access to this filter, then they can embed any block available on your site. This is not idea! Therefore only trusted editors and administrators should be allowed to use this filter. For example, [block:devel:2] will embed the Execute PHP block into the content. It's unlikely it will actually RUN anything - but still, not ideal.

Currently this module is probably best designed for embedding relatively static block content; something like a view, a Tagadelic cloud or maybe some custom advertising block that you would like to be able to centrally manage, but position in a custom place in your content.

Similar Modules

  • The Insert Block module provides VERY similar functionality, however its approach/syntax is slightly different.

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