Block edit

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Block edit module provides inline (on mouseover) editing capability for any block or node.

Configure block/menu/node settings directly by clicking a Views' style link above the block/node.

Where appropriate you are returned to the originating page so it provides a very simplified and intuitive workflow.

A full list of links and options provided by this module are listed below.



  • Configure - Configure the settings for the block.
  • Edit menu - Edit the title and description of the menu.
  • List links - Edit the links in the menu.
  • Edit node - Edit the node generated by nodeblock module.
  • Edit menu - Edit the links in the menu for menu_block and nice_menus menus.


  • View - View the node.
  • Edit - Edit the node.
  • Delete - Delete the node.
  • Clone - Clone the node using node_clone module.
  • Dev load - Display devel load using devel module.
  • Dev render - Display devel render using devel module.
  • Edit type - Edit the content type using CCK module.
  • Manage fields - Manage fields for the content type using CCK module.
  • Display fields - Display fields for the content type using CCK module.


  • Switch node/block edit links for the entire site. Only want block edit links? No problem.
  • Switch hover effect on/off.
  • Choose which types of node links to show.
  • Display node links on selected content types.
  • Display node links on selected display modes (teaser, full page).
  • Hide tabs on selected content types.
  • Display block/node links on specific pages (works just like block visibility).
  • Users will only be able to see links for stuff they have permission to:
    • administer blocks
    • administer nodes
    • administer menu
    • clone node
    • access devel information

Integrates with:

Block edit module also fixes Views' edit links by setting their width to auto to avoid breaking the layout on hover.


Block edit links will only work out-of-the-box for themes where blocks are themed so that containing divs have class attributes in the form class="block" for blocks and class="node" for nodes. Most themes on are done this way so it shouldn't be a problem.

Future plans:

Drupal 7: There probably won't be a port of this module to Drupal 7 as the functionality already exists in core as the contextual module!

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