BlazeMeter Module for Load and Performance Testing

BlazeMeter Module for Drupal
A screenshot of the admin dashboard of the BlazeMeter module

The holy grail of cloud testing for Drupal users. The BlazeMeter module provides Drupal users a way to seamlessly test their website or application for performance.

Use next generation cloud testing tools without having to master scripting or having to be a performance expert.

The BlazeMeter module, having an insight into your Drupal installation, generates an Apache JMeter and a Selenium script for you automatically. It then provisions and configures a cluster of up to 60 dedicated servers ready to run on demand. All this is done automatically, saving you days of scripting, provisioning and configuring.

BlazeMeter is a load testing cloud fully compatible with Apache JMeter. BlazeMeter can generate realistic traffic according to any provided JMeter script.
With the BlazeMeter module, you do not need to create any script. All scripts are created for you automatically and fit your Drupal installation perfectely.

Anonymous Users Section

Specify the maximum amount of concurrent anonymous users that will be simulated in the load test. You can further specify the list of pages, each anonymous user will access one after the other.

Authenticated Users Section

You can specify:

  • The maximum amount of concurrent authenticated users that will be simulated in the load test and the list of pages they will access.
  • The number of unique authenticated users.

This will cause the module to literally 'create' these users with unique credentials in Drupal. The newly created users will be used for the load test.


The configuration section includes several fields that will help build the test and get it ready to run.

Load Scenario
You have the option to select one of three pre-defined ‘best practice’ load scenarios.

State the public domain name of your website. Please note that this doesn’t need to be a real domain. This is very important. It needs to be the domain name that your Drupal is expecting to see and is configured to use (especially if you use a multi-site/domain configuration).

State the public IP of your website. The IP must be public and accessible from the Internet.

Add the user key that identifies your account at BlazeMeter. This can be found under your BlazeMeter account settings. If you don't have an account yet, go get one! BlazeMeter offers a free tier with ten free tests a month.

Test ID
Read only. The Test ID is automatically set by BlazeMeter.

Test Name
Add the name of the test as you want it to appear in your BlazeMeter account.

What to Expect

The BlazeMeter module will create a JMeter load script that will simulate both anonymous users and authenticated users visiting the Drupal website. During a load test, a dedicated cluster of load engines is launched in a preconfigured geographic location. These servers generate traffic according to the JMeter script generated by the BlazeMeter module according to the parameters set by the user. During the load, real time measurements of KPIs present themselves on the report dashboard, where users can easily evaluate system performance and run numerous iterations, allowing users to locate bugs and bottlenecks, fix and re-test time and time again.

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