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BETA WARNING: This software is currently in beta, please do not use it on a production site.


Uses the Google Maps API V3 to display large images on a page. It allows users to zoom in on an image, and pan/move across the image. As the module uses Google Maps API V3, it is compatible with the vast majority of modern clients, including iPhone, iPad, and other touch devices.

Use of the module is recommended for very large images (>100Mpx), although it will still work with small images.

As the module integrates with the Google Maps API V3 module, it will be possible to annotate images, and select regions of an image to be cropped/extracted.


  • Google Maps API V3 - This does all the heavy lifting, with only a small JavaScript tweak being required by this module to change map tiles for Big Image tiles.
  • ImageMagick - The Drupal GD library implementation is particularly memory hungry with large images, and the ImageMagick library is also much quicker than GD when handling large images.


The Big Image module will use durden - a command line program I have written to help streamline the generation of tiles for a single image. Durden is a lot more efficient and therefore a lot quicker at generating image tiles than the Drupal batch script is. On my development machine, it reduced the time required to generate the tiles for a 18251x14639 JPEG to just over one minute - it would have taken over an hour to generate all the tiles using the Drupal batch method. For this reason, I would highly recommend you to install durden on your server if using this module. Note, the use of durden relies on having the "nohup" command on your server. This is standard on *nix servers, but will no doubt be an issue on Windows servers.

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