Bible Field

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The idea behind the Bible Field module is to provide a CCK field that can reference any body of work (not just Bibles) by book, chapter and verse. Below are some features:

  • The ability to reference a range or single point
  • A special Views 'range filter' that allows for search within a ranged entry (like chapters 2 to 10)
  • A compound Views filter that allows you to specify the granularity of the filter to book, chapter or verse
  • Books are pulled from a CVS file, so you can reference arbitrary bodies of work, or reference multiple works in the same node-type for cross-referencing
  • Chapter selectors are automatically adjusted to the number of chapters in the currently selected book

See here to read a quickstart guide with screenshots, or here to view the live README file.

This module is sponsored by Boise Calvary Chapel, who is using this module in creative ways to tie together multiple kinds of media to their sources of inspiration.

Related modules

  • Bible Reference has similar goals but isn't actively maintained.
  • Bible includes a number of features, such as in input filter to reference verses, and importing bibles for browsing within a Drupal site.
  • Scripture Filter provides a similar input filter to Bible, but links to external rather than internal references.

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