Best Answer

Setting the "Best Answer" for a question
Viewing the current list of questions
Viewing a question for which a "Best Answer" has been selected

"Best Answers" extends the Answers module.

Answers provides a question & answer service. Users can post questions and other users can answer them.

Best Answers extends Answers so that:

  • Question Authors can select a "Best Answer" from the answers provided to their questions.
  • After a Best Answer is selected, it is shown first in the set of answers to its questions.
  • The Site Administrator can specify whether questions should be "locked" after a Best Answer is selected.
  • If the locked functionality is set and a Best Answer is selected for a question, viewers are no longer able to post answers to it.

Answers provides a set of list views. Best Answers updates these:

  • 'questions/all': A list of questions (unchanged)
  • 'questions/answered': A list of "answered" questions (new). Questions for which a "Best Answer" has been selected.
  • 'questions/unresolved': A list of "unresolved" questions (new). Questions which have answers but no "Best Answer"
  • 'questions/unanswered': A list of "unaswered" questions (unchanged).
  • 'questions/search': A form to search for questions (unchanged)

Best Answers supports rules integration (as well as a hook for modules that want to act when a best answer is selected or unselected). Please see the readme.

PLEASE NOTE: Please use a version of Best Answers that corresponds with Answers (e.g., use 6.x-3.0 for both or 6.x-2.0 for both).

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