Belgian eID IDP integration

Note that this module is not supported by Fedict, (semi-)public administrations could consider using the Belgian eID Mellon integration instead.


A small module that allows users to authenticate with a Belgian eID card, using's OpenID Identity Provider.

The Drupal website will act as the Relying Party, while the IDP will take care of the communication with the eID card itself, using a java applet running on the client's computer (can be used with or whithout the OS-specific eID middleware).

This module reuses as much (Drupal core) openid code as possible


  • beididp_block shows an eID login/registration button in a block
  • beididp_button shows a button on user login / registration forms
  • beididp_fields can be used to map eID information (like name, address ...) to Drupal Profile fields
  • beididp_mail can be used to alter the standard drupal registration mails
  • beididp_checkrole allows admins to force selected roles to use the eID card and prevents password reset for this roles


  • IDP service: This module requires an eID IDP service. By default, this module uses the free service kindly hosted by a private company, e-contract (unrelated to Fedict).
  • HTTPS: You need to secure the login page and session cookies, for instance, by using the Secure Pages + Secure Pages Hijack Prevention modules or setting session.cookies_secure = 1 in php.ini.
    This, of course, requires an HTTPS-enabled webserver and installing SSL certificates.
  • Cron: It is recommended to enable Poormanscron module or use another scheduler to remove old openid nonces from the database.


  • At the moment, it is probably not possible to use both the core OpenID module and this module.
  • The eID attributes (name, birthday, address ...) can only be mapped to text profile fields, and are not updated afterwards (e.g. when a person moves to another address)

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