BeansTag is a page title, meta tag and meta description management tool. You could add the above attributes to any path alias and they would be shown in the webpage. It fully support any pages including views, panel pages as well as nodes.

BeansTag also support multiple language since the language prefix in the path alias is also included when rendering the BeansTag.

Comment by kingfisher64

This mod centrally manages meta info from one single page (structure > beanstag). Other mods add them to each individual node which is fine but it's far quicker to add/edit meta info if it's on one page in a nice neat list, especially considering seo is a continueous process. Constantly having to revisit individual nodes to edit this info over time is going to waste a lot of time. Beanstag handles this considerably better than all other available mods.

Currently, we only have BeansTag in Drupal 7.


  1. Simple user interface and maintain all the meta data in one single page.
  2. Support Token.
  3. Add meta data by url alias pattern like "abc/def/*".
  4. The above * wildcard only works at the trailing end of the path alias.
  5. Support meta robots and canonical link.
  6. Validate and prompt error if path alias does not exist. (Not applicable to wildcard path.)


Installation is simple. Just enable the BeansTag module after you have downloaded it to the sites/all/modules folder.

How to use

You can manage all the BeansTag @ Structure -> Manage BeansTag.

Known problems

  • Make sure you have disabled the BeansTag module before updating the Drupal core or other modules.
  • If you find 7100 update when performing module update. Please make sure the beanstag table does not have the meta_robots and meta_canonical columns. If the 2 columns already exists. Please proceed the following steps.
    1. Backup the beanstag table.
    2. Disable and uninstall the Beanstag module.
    3. Replace the Beanstag source code with the latest version.
    4. Enable the Beanstag module.
    5. Restore the Beantag table from the backup.

Comparison with other similar modules

Meta tags

Meta tags is a sophisticated module which provide a complete features for managing page title, meta tags and meta description. On the other hand, Beanstag provided a simpler user interface. Although it is less powerful compared to Meta tags, BeansTag would be a alternative SEO tools for users who are looking for simple and lightweight solution.

Page Title

Page Title only does not support meta tags and meta description for SEO whereas BeansTag integrate the SEO with page title.

Meta tags quick

Meta tags quick is a light-weight module which provides a CCK meta fields for user to edit the meta tags and meta description of a specific node. But unlike BeansTag, it does not support adding meta attributes of pages other than node page.




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