Bean Slide

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Bean Slide creates a Bean block entity type with preconfigured fields for images, text and links as rotating slides. As a block entity type, you can create as many Bean Slide slideshows as you desire and place them using any block placement method such as Drupal core blocks, Panels or Context.


The following Drupal modules are required:

One or more of the following javascript libraries is required for the slideshow functionality:


  1. Download one or more of the javascript libraries and place them into sites/all/libraries.
  2. Download and enable Bean Slide and the required Drupal modules.
  3. Go to and click Add Block at the top of the page.
  4. Create your Bean Slide!
    • Label - The label is used to identify your Bean Slide in the administrative interface.
    • View Mode - Beans may have various view modes, however the Default mode should work best for nearly all uses.
    • Title - The title of your Bean Slide block.
    • Slides - The combination of an image, headline text, teaser content and link that will comprise a slide.
    • Slideshow plugin - The javascript library to use for slide transitions. Changing the plugin may enable or disable additional settings.
    • Image style - The Drupal core image style to apply to images.
    • Transition duration - The time in milliseconds that it takes for each transition (e.g. fading into the next slide).
    • Timeout - The time in milliseconds that each slide is shown before transitioning to the next slide.
    • Pager - Setting this will provide a control to allow users to manually select slides.
    • Navigation Controls - Setting this will provide the user controls to manually advance slides.
    • Clickable caption - By default, a slide's link title will display as a clickable hyperlink. Checking this option will make the entire caption clickable.
    • Include default CSS - Checking this will include some rudimentary CSS to style slides.
  5. Go to and place your Bean Slide. You may also use an alternative block placement system like Context or Panels.

Bean Slide项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板



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