Blue Droplet Video

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


Submitted videos are transcoded to Flash format so they can be viewed directly in the web browser. Transcoding occurs locally on the website's server using FFmpeg.

Alternatively, editors can upload video which is already in a suitable format and doesn't need transcoding.


  • High quality H.264 encoding
  • Auto generation of preview images
  • Fullscreen mode
  • High codec compatibility
  • Play statistics collection
  • Highly configurable, e.g. dimensions, bitrate, frames per second, etc.
  • RSS video podcasting - for Miro / iTunes
  • Embedding of videos on other websites - not yet ported to D6
  • Amazon S3 / CloudFront streaming
  • Actions integration can be used to automatically publish a node upon successful transcoding.
  • Acquisition from URL - this saves a lot of time when a video is already on the web.

Module integration

For community support, get involved using the links below. Feel free to help with documentation - anyone with a account can edit it.

Please contribute back any improvements you make to the module, so everyone can benefit.

For Drupal 5, this module had a different project.

There is a video group for keeping up to date with broader happenings in the world of Drupal video.

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