Banckle Chat

Through Banckle Chat Module, you can successfully get a step closer to the visitors of your Drupal website. Why spend time in email follow-ups when you can seal the deal through Banckle Chat.

Being Collaborative and Social

Keeping an eye on your website visitor’s activity and tracking the usage patterns is very important to understand the requirements of your potential customers. Banckle Chat provides you details about the technical and demographical information of your visitors. Knowing this valuable information through Banckle Chat Module for Drupal, helps you get collaborative and social with your customers on a more personal level.

Start Free

Configuring and integrating Banckle Chat Plugin for Drupal is very easy. It is a fun to use and is offered with best possible price…i.e. FREE. (with limited functions).

Being Administrative and Customizable

It is controlled and configured through Banckle Admin Console. It gives you complete freedom and control to be more innovative and creative with your Banckle Chat Plugin for Drupal.

  • Departments: define new departments along with the users.
  • Widgets: define new widgets and integrate Banckle Chat on multiple websites with a single Banckle account. Customize them to meet your domestic requirements. Tweak the look and feel of your live chat icon appearance as well as that of chat dialogs, greet your customers with automated messages, configure the live chat invitation to be sent pro-actively and reach out to every customer.
  • Canned Messages: define pre-define chat messages to keep the communication with your customers, typo-free and lightning fast.
  • Offline Messages: view and manage the messages those were sent by your customers when you were offline. Direct them to your own email account and set up an auto responder.
  • Chat Targeting: define new rules to automatically trigger actions in Banckle Chat based on user behavior and target your sales prospects.
  • Blocked IPs: view and manage the IPs those are banned to access your website. You can also view which operator banned which IP and how long the IP is banned for.
  • Marketplace Plugins: download cutting edge and value addition marketplace plugins to improve your overall live chat customer support experience.
  • Customized Visitor Fields: define new fields to get more informed about your customers.
  • Sound Alerts and Visual Notifications: change the settings for sound alerts and visual notifications. Set up your own desktop visual notifications.
  • Live Translation: set up your language preference and let Banckle Chat bridge the communication gap between you and your visitors.

Being Informative

While conducting live support and communicating with customers, it counts a lot that how informative you are about your website visitors. Simple questions make all the difference. For example, Where they are from? How many times they have visited your website? Which pages on your website are getting more hits? What are their machine and software specifications? Banckle Chat accurately answers all these questions and enables you to monitor and track your website visitors and enables you to learn the customer behavior and requirements. Its intuitive charts and visitor statistics reports empower you to take your business to a whole new level.

Being Alternative

Banckle Chat, as an application is a very affordable alternative to the Zopim, oLark, and LivePerson. Its salient features make it an ideal substitute and most suitable replacement for all popular Live Chat and Live Support applications.

Being Integrative

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. Banckle is determined to reach out to every platform and application that means something to its users. Under the umbrella of Marketplace at Banckle, you can get tools for all sorts of CMS and other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Magento and many others. If your platform is not listed, please feel free to share with us and we will get a widget/plugin ready for you to integrate Banckle Chat.

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