Ban User

There are times, especially in a site used as a forum, when some users have to be banned temporarily because of their behavior not complying with the norms and expectations of all the other users. The Ban User module helps under these circumstances.

Users can be banned for a definite time period. When they try to log in, they will be refused and informed in a message about the ban and the deadline when they can log in again. If they are currently online when the administrator (or any other user with the necessary privileges, eg. a moderator in a forum) is forced to ban them, they will be logged out immediately.

When the deadline is reached, the ban will be lifted without extra intervention from the administrator.

How To Use

After installation, set it up as usual, from the module list (configuration and rights) or the Admin > Configuration menu. The fields to specify the length of a ban can be found in the profile pages of the individual users. An overview of all currently banned users can be found on a new tab under Admin > People. A block is also provided; you can place it on any normal or admin page, or your dashboard to get a quick overview.

Drupal 6 version

The module was backported by Matthew Radcliffe ( Thanks.

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