Avatar Approval

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Avatar Approval - Moderator's page (D7)

This module creates a workflow for moderating user avatars. When a new avatar is uploaded, it is placed in the 'not yet moderated' queue, and not displayed. A moderator can then either approve, disapprove, or delete the avatar. Only approved avatars will be shown site wide.

Avatar moderation is done on the admin/content/approval page, where moderators will find three tabs. Not yet moderated, Approved, and Disapproved. An uploaded avatar will keep it's approval status until it is deleted. ie if an avatar is disapproved, and the user attempts to upload the same image again, it will automatically receive a disapproved status.

From version 6.x (port by dalad), users awaiting their avatar to be approved are displayed differently from those using the default user avatar. Their picture can be changed from admin/settings/approval page. It is also possible to notify to moderators the lenght of the approval queue with an email, or displaying a message when they log in.

Moreover, it's possible for other avatar management modules to exploit the avatar approval pipeline just by implementing hook_avatarapproval(). Also rules integration is in development.

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