AudienceView Integration

The AV module provides integration with AudienceView, an application that administers ticketing for theatres and sporting arenas.

With the AV module you can:

  • Have AudienceView members use their accounts to login to Drupal
  • Get information on Performances in AudienceView
  • Synchronize user profiles (currently view-only, not sync)

To use this module, the "WebAPI" component of AudienceView must be enabled.

If you only intend to provide authentication for users, you will not need to put an administrative user and password into the configuration, just the URL. You can set these items on the AudienceView page under Configuration in your Drupal 7 sites.

How to use this module

1. Enable the av module then visit the configuration page to put in your server location.

2. Enable av_auth if you want your users to be able to use their AV logins on your Drupal site. New accounts will be created for these users using their email address as the key.

3. Enable av_performance or av_user and the configuration page will gain a new username and password field. By supplying credentials in the configuration, the config page will now automatically test your connection to the server.

If you enable the modules listed in #3, you will be able to use the following URLs to get data from the server:

  • /av/performance/GUID where GUID is the performance_ID of the event
  • /av/user/# where # is the user number

Additionally, av_performance creates a new function you can use to get performance data called av_performance_get($guid) for your own custom modules.


This module was sponsored by TP1 Drupal development in Montréal.

Current Status

If you plan on using this module, please take it over! If you are not yet a project maintainer I will offer to mentor you to help get you there.

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