Automatic upload for Drupal file fields.

AutoUpload is a user interface (UI) enhancement that initiates automatic upload of files minimizing the number of clicks required by a user.

Currently, users must select files, then press the "Upload" button. We found users often don't realize a button press is necessary and mistakenly think their image is uploaded when it's not.

This module removes the extra button press and hides the "Upload" button via JavaScript for a quicker, automatic file upload. When JavaScript is not enabled, it falls back to the "Upload" button.

Drupal 7
7.x-1.0: Handles only core managed fields.
7.x-1.1: (upcoming release, currently dev) Handles the core managed file fields and Media module file fields. Allows users to enter their own configurations for other file fields. See README.txt for information on configuration settings.

Configure the type of file fields you want to use auto upload at admin/config/media/autoupload.

If a user doesn't click upload, the file is uploaded on save in Drupal 7. So is this even useful for D7?

As an enhancement to the UI, yes it's useful. If the file is uploaded on save, why is a visible upload button even needed? This module hides the button.

What if you have a large file being uploaded and additional form fields to fill in? You'll have faster user experience (UX) if the file begins upload immediately after it's selected while the user fills out the rest of the form than waiting to begin upload until after the entire form is completed and submitted.

The AutoUpload module also makes it possible to have one-click upload to and selection of files from the Media library.

Drupal 6
Handles automatic upload for the CCK FileField fields.

Developed by RMR Labz and successfully used in D6 and D7 sites since Sept. 2011.






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