Autoloader Early

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a PSR-0 compatible autoloader. It can be also used as a map-based autoloader. This autoloader support different folders for different namespaces, can be used for anything, external libraries but PSR-0 compatible modules code also.

It can be used in pre-bootstrap early code, even before Drupal has been bootstrapped itself (with the help of the settings.php file) or included with your cache, session or lock backends, therefore enabling it on really early bootstrap phases.

If you are not a developer, you probably won't need to download it if it's not a required dependency for another module.


This module works great as it is today, althought it does miss a PSR-0 autoloader standard detail about underscores in class names.

It won't be maintained anymore, it never has been. I'd really like not having to code this kind of modules and have a real autoloader in Drupal 7 core, I'm definitely angry against writing this kind of tiny dependency-hell modules and fallback.

For all people that are looking for an explicit dependency on their modules because they desesperatly need PSR-0 autoloading, please look at the xautoload module which carries more features and is far more advanced. I'll try to help the xautoload module maintainer when I can.

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