Authored Nodes Block

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module simply creates a block that will display a list of node links that have been authored by the currently logged in user. The list can be filtered by specific content types, and can also be configured to display links to unpublished nodes as well.

This is a very lightweight solution to a specific need a client had. If you require a more robust "user-centric" content manager, I suggest checking out the Workspace module.

Future plans for this module are to include pagination and tabbed browsing, from within the block, to view content and uploaded files. I also plan to add multi-lingual support and write a port for Drupal-6.x.

For now, you can achieve the same functionality with the Views module. I offer this as a simple solution for those that don't want / need Views on their site, or for those that like to keep administrative related content out of their Views and use helper modules instead.

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