Aurigma Mass Uploader for CCK

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Aurigma Uploader for Imagefield module integrates the commercial Aurigma Image Uploader with Drupal. Multiple images are uploaded in a single batch into a multiple imagefield.

6.x-1.x supports version 5 of the uploader.
6.x-2.x supports version 6 of the uploader.
6.x-2-dev now adds ajax loading of images. Please try it!

For an open source java uploader see JIFUpload.

- Modules: CCK, filefield, imagefield
- Aurigma is a commercial product. A valid license key is required.
- Users must have Java installed, or allow ActiveX for IE browsers.

Configurable features
- Selection of content type used.
- Selection of imagefield field used.
- Size of the uploader on the page.
- Aurigma parameters may also be entered manually in the module's admin page.

- Allows batch image uploading to imagefield.
- Set image descriptions in the uploader and/or the imagefiled.
- Deletions are handled by imagefield and filefield.
- Image types are limited to jpg, gif, png.

- FileField Paths enhances the file path options provided by Token. Without Token images are saved in the default files directory.
- With ImageCache thumbnails and other sizes can be created automatically.

- You will need to copy, ImageUploaderX.jar and iuembed.js into the aurigma module folder, where X is the major version number of the uploader.
- See INSTALL.txt

- The look of the uploader is configurable via its parameters, which you can enter in the module's admin page.
- The uploader is enclosed in a div. The id is field_yourfieldname-applet.
- Theming of images after uploading is up to you.

- The to-do list includes ahah or ajax loading of newly uploaded images. Also, add support for more than one imagefield per node form.
- For now, the module only works with images, although the uploader itself is capable of much more.

- Development was sponsored by Darren Rush of DLR Research:

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