Answers Userpoints

Details of a user's reputation is shown on his/her profile
Reputation points are listed next to user name


This module adds user reputations to the Answers module. It operates on a point system like that used by StackExchange (see here)

Default Policy for Awarding Points

Action Points to Actor Points to Author
Vote up a question -- +5
Vote down a question -1 -2
Vote up an answer -- +10
Vote down an answer -1 -2
Select a best answer +2 +15

The idea is that users get awarded for quality contributions instead of just activity. Posting a long list of low-value questions or responses will not earn you points. Rather, you earn points when *others* see value in your contributions.

There is also a small penalty for "chastising" someone else by voting down their question or answer.

In addition:

  • Points are not awarded when a user takes an action on their own content (e.g., I don't get points for voting up my own question or my own answer).
  • Points never expire.
  • This module does not current award advanced privileges or user badges for accumulating points.

User Interface

The module shows a users' points in the "submitted" text on questions and answers. For example:

Sun, 06/26/2011 - 16:18 — duphija (15)

Here, the ending "(15)" has been added and means this author has 15 points.

In addition, the module displays the transactions that have affected a user's points in their profile. It adds a tab to the "Your Questions" menu item (this menu item is itself added by Answers). The new tab is located at 'user/%/questions/reputation'

Guidelines for Developers

The policy for awarding points can be altered using the Rules UI.

For use in theming, the module sets a new variable for question and answer nodes: $answers_reputation.

NOTE: The D6 version of the module requires Best Answers 6.x-2.x-dev committed on 7/2/2011 or after.

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