Arrows and boxes - Simple Text to Graphs / Charts / Mindmaps

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If you want me to provide a nice youtube demo/howto for this module - use this issue #1591316: Create a youtube video with a screencast - "how to setup" to +1 me.

This module gives you an easy way to draw nice boxes and arrows to your website from simple markup like:

 (User) > (Admin)

Thus you can produce very fast charts/graphs/mindmaps - everything that has arrows and boxes.

See the project image and the home page:

There you will find full demo and a live playground.

Also when you create an AB instance if you hover with your mouse you will be able to go directly to the live preview editor and modify your code...

We are welcome for UI enhancement propositions.

If you need to be ablo to just do:


(User) > (Admin)


Instead of the default:

<pre class="arrows-and-boxes">

(User) > (Admin)


Just use the drupal module customfilter and setup the necessary filters...
When we have a video screencast for this module - there we will include how to do it... You could download my full drupal dump from here - - there I have it setup...
Use at your leisure.


- Coded for you in javascript/jquery by Dennis Treder.
- And coded for Drupal by rsvelko.
- Search for us on github to help with the arrows and boxes jquery plugin if you would like to.

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