ApacheSolr SEO Blocks

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Active Filters and Active Filters Description

How it works

The ApacheSolr SEO blocks provides some extra blocks that improve the user
experience of filtering and the positioning of the ApacheSolr pages result of a
combination of multiple active filters in the facets. The blocks provided get
the values and types of the activated filters providing two useful blocks:

Block with Active Filters: this block give a list with the names of the
activated blocks so you can have together all the important keywords of the
page that a user navigate. Positioning this block in the header of a page make
it very semantic for search engines and users that easily can deactivate a

Block Descriptions of Active Filters: this block return a list of
descriptions for every activated filter currently supporting taxonomy terms,
nodereferences and node types. This is very useful to add a header description
of related with all the results the user is browsing. For taxonomy terms and
node types filters we use the description fields for that objects and for
nodereferences the description field is configurable via block form
configuration. The combination of multiple filters display all the descriptions
in a list so with well writed descriptions the search engines have useful
keyword to relate for every different faceted page.

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