Apache Solr Nodereference Extras

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is for use with ApacheSolr 6.x-2.x. It overrides the way nodereferences are handled. Instead of creating facet counts for nodereferences, it creates a new field for them and adds the title + body text of the referenced node to that field. This allows the referring node to be discoverable by the title and body text of referred node. This module respects content_permissions access grants on the nodereference field. This module is particularly effective if used with the settings at q=admin/settings/apachesolr/content-bias that allow you to exclude certain content types from being indexed (in this case the content type for Node B).

Node A has a nodereference to Node B. Node B's title is "I like Awesomesauce" and its body is "Morten is the King of Denmark". With this module, Node A will show up in search results for "Awesomesauce" or "Denmark". If Node B has further CCK fields or taxonomy terms, these will not be indexed as a field on Node A, only the title and body.

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