Apache Solr Facet Builder

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Building an Apache Solr Facet with Facet Builder

This module allows administrators to dynamically build Apache Solr search facets without writing any code.

Search facets are a way to let your users filter search results in interesting ways. Some facets included with Apache Solr are filtering by content author or by content type. Facet Builder allows you to create your own facets, describing each filter option using the Views UI.

To create a new facet, simply create a new View for your facet type and add a 'facet' display for each facet. Then use the view filters to describe what content should appear in the facet. If a node appears in the view display it will be categorized under that facet. Your new facet type will then appear in the Apache Solr interface as a new facet option.

This module was developed by Gorton Studios and sponsored by The Southern Poverty Law Center

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