Anonymous Contact form

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Anonymous Contact allows people that are not logged into the site to contact users via e-mail via a contact form. I had a look around for this and was surprised to find there weren't any modules that already handled this. I did find interest in it though so hopefully this module will see a bit of use.

I would strongly suggest that it be used with some form of captcha. The CAPTCHA module works. Mollom doesn't for some reason.

At this point the module is quick and dirty, but works for what I need.

I would like to add;

  • Restrict those that can be contacted to a role or roles
  • Figure out how to get this form visible to Mollom
  • Allow Users to control if they can be contacted through this

I'm open to patches to cover the above. If you would like access as a co-maintainer I'm happy to take requests for that also. I'm too damned busy to be able to spend too much time on this at the moment.

Thanks to Simon Gurnsey for funding the development and allowing me to contribute this back to the community.

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