Anatoa - together against profile fraud

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Anatoa - together against profile fraud!

Tired of fake user profiles set up to scam, spam and defraud your legitimate members? Anatoa is a collaborative attempt to solve this problem. Our service allows new users to be checked against our proprietary fraud detection system which is powered by feedback from all our participating sites. If a scammer has tried his tricks on one of "our" websites, we will know who he is and put many measures in the way of his continued activity on other websites which use our service.


  • Automated fraud detection

    When someone attempts to sign up for your member services we will immediately and automatically check the profile's credentials and take necessary action. Put these aspects of your member administration on auto pilot and concentrate on productive work instead.
  • Configurable actions

    When we detect a potential fraudulent member, you have full control over which action will be take. Chose between automatic suspension of the account (you can manually review it later), automatic deletion (we make a backup which you can review and restore with a mouse click), or simply log.
  • Community based fraud data

    We analyze fraud reports from all our members and merge them into our database. This means the moment a fraudster is detected on any part of our nework, you will be alerted when (s)he approaches your web site, or even if you already have an existing member account which can be linked.

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