Achievements to Mozilla Open Badges Bridge


This module allows you to send Achievements to your Mozilla Open Badges Backpack.

Since each site implements its own achievements, this module uses the Open Badges framework to allow you to save all of your achievements as badges in a single location for showing off and sharing.

Achievements should still be created the same way as they normally would be for the Achievements module, except that unlocked badge images must be in .png format (since that's the only format that Mozilla accepts). Additionally, since the Mozilla Backpack allows for larger image sizes (i.e. 256x256) than the standard image size in Achievements (i.e. 70x70), you may also include an alternate image with the key 'badge' to be used by Mozilla. You don't want to use an image larger than 70x70 as your 'unlocked' image, because this will skew your Achievements tables, but if a 'badge' image is defined, it will be sent to the backpack instead of the 'unlocked' image.


  • Achievements
  • A custom module that creates your own, unique achievements


  • Add larger badge images than supported in the Achievements module.
  • Adjust Issuer information (e.g. origin, contact, etc.).


  1. Copy the project folder to your modules directory (e.g. sites/all/modules).
  2. Enable the module in the Drupal admin interface.
  3. Create Achievements normally, but use .png 'unlocked' images for any achievements that you would like for users to be able to send to their backpacks. You can additionally include a 'badge' .png for larger sizes (e.g. 256x256).
  4. Navigate to your achievements page (user/%/achievements), and click on the "Send to Mozilla Open Badges Backpack" button to send the badge.


  • In order to send badges to Mozilla, your server environment must be web accessible (i.e., Mozilla must be able to open a page on your site). So, local development environments (e.g., MAMP), won't work to test that functionality.

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