Amazon associate tools

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: This module will not be upgraded past Drupal 5. For Drupal 6 and above, see Amazon module, which will come bundled with an aat_legacy.module. Update 5.16 will be the last version to be released to cover 5.x! If you care to further improve this module you may request to take over the project.

Amazon associate tools module uses Amazon's ECS4 REST interface. It is compatible with Drupal version 4.7 (5.x for full capabilities) under both PHP versions 4 and 5.

The module consists of:

  • amazon.module The Drupal module.
  • REST and XML processing, for PHP4. Requires CURL extension for REST processing, DOM XML extension for XML parsing.
  • REST and XML processing, for PHP5. Requires CURL extension for REST processing, built-in DOM functions for XML parsing.
  • (4.7.x) Data arrays
  • images directory for images used to display product rating

As shipped the module is set up to search for books, music and DVDs. See README.txt for minimal information on customizing the data to add (or delete) search capabilities on additional product types.

The code (in will work with all stores. The data (in has the basic codes local to each store.

New for 5.0:
The data file has been split into the following country specific files.

The module creates two new node types. One is pure product information (amazon_node) and one is for reviews (amazon). A field for related products is added to all node types. A comma delimited list of ASIN/ISBN-10 will produce Amazon links for each ASIN/ISBN-10 at the bottom of the post. A rating system is built in that allows you to set custom ratings and labels (4.7.x only);

The module has a block that displays a random item linked to the Amazon detail page for the item. The 4.7 version also has a random review (does not include items entered as related links) and recommended book (includes only those items rated above a configurable value).

The module includes a drop-in search engine for's book store. The search returns a minimally formatted list of books, including the image provides, the list and prices, a purchase link and each author's name links to an Amazon search for more books by that same author.

5.x: As shipped the module is set up to search for books, music and DVDs

This module was originally written by Prometheus6 but is currently maintained by MGParisi. New Releases for the 5.x branch are coming, but we need your help to solve bugs and make improvements! I am not supporting the 4.x branch.

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