Amazon Store

An Amazon Store for Drupal. This is an implementation of the Amazon Product Advertising API (formerly Amazon Associates Web Service, or AAWS) for Drupal. You can install this and right away you have an Amazon Associates Store. Get yourself an Associates ID and then all purchases made through your store will result in a commission going to you. Allows searching, provides product pages, and manages a shopping cart.

Seeking new maintainer(s)! Are you using Amazon Store? I currently don't have it deployed anywhere, so it's not getting any love from me. File an issue in the queue if you're interested in maintaining this module. But FIRST, review some issues and provide some patches!


  • Amazon module.
  • You must have PHP5.2+


  • Panels module. (The 1.x releases work with Panels 2, the 2.x releases work with Panels 3). If Panels is installed, there is a default amazon item detail page and multiple panel panes provided so you can customize it.
  • If thickbox is enabled then you get large-size images when you click on a product image.

Some sites using Amazon Store: (Want yours listed? See #1028928: Demonstration sites to be added to the project page)


  • In the 2.x releases, the various Amazon locales are supported, but in 1.x only the US locale is supported.
  • Integration with Amazon Module: If you use amazon module to display products, the links created will go to your store's product page instead of going to the Amazon purchase URL. You can use views of Amazon products or any technique you want.

Call for community contributions

This is a community project - it's sponsored/maintained by rfay but he doesn't even run a store of his own, and improvements/maintenance on this take a lot of time. Those of you who use it can help by:

  • Improving the documentation for both Amazon Store and Amazon modules. Add recipes, template modifications, suggestions.
  • Providing patches and improvements
  • Helping build tests. Both this module and Amazon module need a Simpletest test suite.

Amazon Store项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板



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