Amazon S3 Logs

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module reads and parses your Amazon S3 account's various log files, so you can easily track your most popular uri's, and how much bandwidth has been used per-file. It also makes sure to never download the same log file twice (saving you bandwidth), and can be configured to only check for new log files every few hours (saving you GET and LIST requests).

Requires: Amazon S3.

Also requires that you have set up a special log bucket as per Amazon's instructions:

I know the process may seem hard or annoying, but it honestly only takes about five minutes. Just follow the instructions on that page. Special note: If any developers want to work on a way to automate the process of creating a log bucket, I would greatly appreciate it! Please post your thoughts or code in an issue.

Amazon S3 Logging, A Brief Explanation
Amazon S3 logging is, unfortunately, not very straight forward. Once you set up a log bucket, Amazon will drop in snippits of log files throughout the day, possibly not in the correct order. This module frees you from the annoying task of downloading them, then combining them, then paring through them in Excel or some other program.


  • Install the required amazon_s3 module, and set up a special log bucket on your Amazon S3 account (follow the directions in the link above).
  • Install this module at /modules/amazon_s3_logs and enable it.
  • Visit admin/settings/amazon-s3-logs to configure.
  • Wait for log files to appear in your log bucket, and make sure your cron is running correctly.
  • View your usage statistics at: Administer -> Reports -> Amazon S3 Logs or at admin/reports/amazon-s3-logs

Since this module could actually end up costing you money (in the form of fees to your Amazon S3 account), I just wanted to state unequivocally that neither me, nor anyone in the Drupal community, shall be held responsible for any of the results from using this module-- unless that result is your happiness ;) Of course, with Amazon's fees at ~ 1 cent per 10,000 LIST/GET requests, I doubt this module would add very much to your monthly bill.

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