Alter Ego

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a continuation of wowguild module. It is an attempt to make a Generic gaming hosting module that other modules and admins can customize.

It allows users (with permission) to create Avatars and attach them to their accounts. Their 'main' avatar will replace their name and picture in all posts.

This module would primarly be used to create a guild/clan where users may have multiple characters and want to post as their character.


  • [x] AvatarType - Allows admin to create generic Avatars.
  • [x] Permissions to create/edit/delete each AvatarType
  • [x] Users can create avatars and they are added to their user profile.
  • [x] Users can select from their avatars to be their 'main' character.
  • [x] The users main avatar name will override the user's name in posts. Basically the user becomes their main toon.
  • [x] User's main avatars picture will ovverride user's picture.
  • [x] Rollover popups display detailed popup when users rollover character names.


  • [ ] Provide a view to list all members of a guild/clan.
    Currently I'm leaving it up to each module to provide their own guild/clan listing. i.e. WoWGuild provides a "Guild Roster" view to list all members.

[x] - Implemented
[ ] - Not implemented yet.

Currently Implemented Modules

  • WoWGuild (Branch 7.x-4.x Only) - World of Warcraft Guild hosting.
  • Diablo 3 - Beta development for Diablo 3 Guild.
  • steam_account [in development] - Allow users to login to their steam account and
    use their steam username/picture.
  • Starwars Old Republic [concept] - Looking for someone with expertise who knows the game and would know required filelds and how to theme them.

What Can I Do to Help?

I'm glad you asked! You can help support your favorite game by installing Alter Ego and creating a custom AvatarType. From there it can be turned into a module to host your own guild!

Developing your own module defining an Avatar

Documentation is Here! Check out the Google Doc and the associated Diablo 3 module.

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