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Ajax Slideshow basic screenshot

Sequential presentation of any of your site nodes, utilizing user chosen effects based on ajax asynchronous calls.

Indeed there are plenty of slideshow modules out there. So why creating one more?
We had to provide a good answer for the following requirements:

  • Show a series of content items as slides using transition effect.
  • Allow the user to navigate across slides using tabs and/or navigational buttons.
  • Allow the content manager (non admin role) to fully control the contents & layout of each slide using node-based or views-based mode.
  • Allow the content manager to easily publish / unpublish the slides and set their order of appearance.
  • Allow the content manager to set the slides intervals, transition intervals and other slideshow relevant settings.
  • Ensure the performance is content-agnostic i.e. allow the slideshow content to grow (number of slides and their weight) without impacting the slideshow page load time.

We could not find a module which fully suffice the above requirements (see comparison). Hence Ajax Slideshow was born.


  • Node based (vs. image based) - Differently then most of the slideshow modules (e.g. Couloir Slideshow), Ajax Slideshow is not necessarily about sequential presentation of images. Actually Ajax Slideshow is completely indifferent about the content it presents - each slide presents a complete node that may have any layout and content.
  • ...and Views based As of version 6.3 Ajax Slideshow supports a source mode which is views-based. This means that the tabs construction and/or the content construction can be done based on custom selection of views (CCK) fields. Views manipulations such as output rewrite and linking can be used to tailor the slideshow content as needed.
  • Non Gallery-like - the term slideshow is a bit over-used. This module does not provide Gallery functionality. It only does what its name states - presenting a slideshow. A more gallery like alternative, if that's what you're looking for would be the views slideshow module.
  • Performance & Scalability - Differently then Views Rotator, Content Glider or Dynamic Display Block Ajax Slideshow does not pull up all the presented content before the page loads but rather pull only the necessary content for the coming slide. This means that your slideshow page load time is not dependent on the amount and size of the slides created by the content manager.
  • Navigation Enabled - This slideshow module provides customizable tabs based navigation system + navigational buttons which is not always the case in other modules (e.g. Views Cycle)


  • Instantly setup a nodes based slideshow applying your preferred effect.
  • Have each slide present a single node whatever its content and layout is.
  • Alternatively have each slide present a record retrieved by views.
  • Control the sorting and filtering of the presented nodes using the views UI.
  • Let your users navigate through the slideshow by tabs or navigational buttons (next / prev). Tabs content can be customized
  • Control the slideshow setup (e.g. slides duration, tranistion duration, appearance, etc).
  • Ensure best performance achieved by leveraging Ajax and smart preloading.
  • Choose page-based or block-based slideshow placement
  • Adjust the slidshow theme whichever way you want

What's Next?

  • Just install Ajax Slideshow and your slideshow is immediately up and ready.
  • Further control is achieved using the internal view and the module's admin settings screen.
  • Additional information can be found at the Readme file.

The below modules are required by V2.x of this module.

V1.x of this module does not require the JQuery Plugin installation. however some of the above features are not supported at that version (mostly navigation)
Please be sure that your Drupal install uses clean url as this is currently required by ajax slideshow.

Sample Implementations

Additional successful implementations can be sent to us to be shared with the community.


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