Affiliate store

Affiliate store

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This module helps in affiliate marketing by setting up a web store in your website for selling products from merchants. This is for users who want to earn commission by selling other people's products. Currently supported networks are Betty Mills and ClickBank.

Normally in affiliate marketing, you need to download product data from merchant, extract useful bits out of the data in order to create a post for each product to promote, and then try to keep up to date with every product changes.

The process is tedious and repetitive and a lot of works to do just to make products show up correctly in your website. Yet the problem gets worst if you promote thousand of products from several merchants at once.

How it works

This module helps in the process by lifting away the hard work, by integrating solution from EarnHighway affiliate store, so that you don't need to worry about getting and updating product data anymore, and can better utilize your time doing useful things that directly relate to sales conversion, like SEO, links building, or copy writing.

EarnHighway affiliate store pulls in products from merchants selected by you, and import them into your website as nodes. All products are set up to track sales, so that you earn commission when somebody clicks on a product and subsequently buys it.

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  • Automatically keep up to date daily.
  • Product as node. You can leverage existing modules to further enhance your affiliate store since node is Drupal most basic building block.
  • Products are searchable through the core Search module out of the box.
  • Mix products from multiple merchants of your choice. Don't see the type of products you want from a merchant? Then get it from another merchant.
  • Three hierarchical levels of product categories support.
  • Flexible category mapping. Rename category or merge multiple categories according to your needs.
  • Site URL friendly product link. All product links exist under your website domain so your site users won't be confused by third party links.
  • Views module integration. You can create additional product views according to your specific selection criteria.
  • Customizable layout and theming.

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