Advanced Form Block

The Configuration page for the Advanced Form Block Module
 Block Settings page listing different fields to select

Welcome to Advanced Form Block Module. With this module you can do the following:

1) Create any number of blocks with a particular node edit form.
2) create any number of blocks with a particular node add form of a content type.
3) Create as many blocks as you like of each kind.
4) From the content type choose which fields to display on a per block basis.However required fields will be automatically displayed.
5) All forms will be saved through ajax. So multiple node forms can be independently placed on a single page and worked with simultaneously.

Related module:
Form block

Difference with this module:
1. Unlike Form Block module this module lets you create multiple blocks of same content type.
2. This Module lets you choose fields which you want to show up in the form(except required fields which must be shown).
3. Ability to save forms through ajax so multiple node forms can be presented and operated from same page.

Instructions of Use:

1) Download and install the module normally.
2) Click on the "Advanced Form Block Settings" tab ob the main menu.
3) Choose a title, block type, and other information.
4) Create a block.
5) now you can find this block in blocks page. Place it in the appropriate region.
6) By default the block shows all the fields and vertical tab options.
7) Go to the Block configuration page and tickout the things that you
don't want to show.
8) Save the settings, fill out the content form hit save.
9) Enjoy the Ajaxified Content Creation in drupal Blocks and the power of having multiple node forms on a single page functioning without page refresh.

Further Development Statistics:

This module is under active development.
The next release will try to improve on the following aspects:
1) Settings options for the size of the textfields and form elements so that they do not break the styling when placed in narrw width regions.
2) Options for specifying the error/success message on form submission and place and style they should appear in.

Supporting organizations: 
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