Advanced Exposed Forms

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Advanced Exposed Form

Advanced Exposed Forms (AEF) provides fine grained dynamic data filtering by allowing the "joining" of views exposed filters into groups. AEF provides AND/OR operators between individual exposed filters and between groups of exposed filters. Use AEF to drill down from large amounts of data to specific data sets.

AEF will allow one to:

  • Filter users, content and comments using views exposed filters in a "sticky" way by filtering a filtered set of data.
  • Provide AND/OR operators between individual exposed filters.
  • Aggregate exposed filters into groups.
  • Provide AND/OR operators between groups of aggregated filters.
  • Apply the same exposed filter multiple times using different values.
  • Provide a more specific level of filtering data.
  • Provide a dynamic jquery interface to allow:
    • Re-ordering of filters within groups.
    • Moving filters between groups.
    • Removal of individual filters.

Views 3. You need to install the last development version of Views 3.

Possible use cases
The module was developed for filtering large number of users based on their profile data. Users are filtered into specific groups. Here is an example from a student enrollment platform: Filter users

  • from Kenya AND Argentina
  • whose application status is at stage 5 OR stage 6
  • AND who have paid their fees OR paid a deposit

A message specific to this group of users is then sent to them via a custom Drupal messaging system.

Other use cases for AEF may be in a dating site or CRM type install of Drupal. AEF is not limited to filtering profile data. It can filter any data accessible to views.

This module is not production ready, yet it is stable. Please participate by testing, providing feedback and suggestions.

Roadmap (ordered by priority)

  • Add functionality to save filtered groups
  • Beta -> release candidate -> release

Developed by: Mariano D'Agostino (
Sponsored by: Mojah Media

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