Advanced Menus

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is obsolete

Drupal 6 and 7 users are recommended to use the excellent Menu Block module which does everything this module does and more.

* * *

The advancedmenus module allows site administrators to create an arbitrary number of blocks for any given menu object in the site. The block settings page for each block allows customization of the starting level of that block, as well as customization of the class attribute values used in the markup of the menus.


Block related
Configuration page allows for the creation of an arbitrary number of blocks based on one or separate menus
Setting for starting menu at any level
Setting for showing only top-level menu items
Menus output as properly nested unordered-lists
Useful classes (i.e. classes in addition to '.menu') on ul elements
Unique ids on all li elements
Drupal-friendly '.leaf,' '.expanded,' and '.collapsed' classes on li elements
Drupal-friendly '.first' and '.last' classes on li elements as requred
All 'Drupal-friendly' classes configurable per-block from block configuration pages
Upcoming features
Show only subpages to a particular menu item [completed, not released]
Unique ids for all ul elements [completed, not released]
Show customized block name in block list page [completed, not released]
Other markup options [planned]
CSS generation options [vapourware :)]

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