Advanced Profile Kit

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Advanced Profile Kit provides building blocks for putting together fancy user profile pages like those commonly found on social networking sites. It is most useful with Page Manager & Panels, though the provided pieces can be used in the theme layer if you prefer. By using Page Manager as a base, any item that can be added to Page Manager can be added to the profile page by pointing and clicking with no coding needed.


6.x works well enough, but you might want to use the dev snapshot to catch some small fixes. There won't be a 7.x version unless someone else wants to take it over. Profile2 and Page Manager don't play nice together so porting isn't even possible until that happens. Furthermore, I've really lost interest in the module and will be focusing my efforts on Artesian.

Is APK right for you?

Advanced Profile Kit is a kit module, not a turnkey solution. If you decide to use it, be prepared to read the documentation. You also should have a good understanding of how Page Manager and Views work. You don't need to know how to code but you should be pretty well versed in how Drupal works. While I do my best to answer questions, I don't have the time to handhold people through custom changes or explain how to use Page Manager and other modules.

APK is useful if you want user profiles similar to what you see on the demo site. If you are looking for radically different profiles, you may find it easier to work with Page Manager / Panels directly.


  • Page Manager page variant that sets up a typical social networking profile page.
  • CCK content copy export of common social networking profile fields.
  • Views of user's friends (if using User Relationships), topics user has participated in, comments by user (included but not on variant), and posts by user (if using node comment).
  • Simple list of recent profile visitors pulled from statistics.
  • Various small tweaks.

APK vs Content Profile

I've seen many people ask whether they should use APK or Content Profile without realizing that this question doesn't actually make sense. APK is all about displaying profiles. It does not store any data. Content Profile stores the data. So the answer is that you use them both, together.

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